Trip to Gold Coast, Australia


When you think of Gold Coast, what comes to mind first, beaches, theme parks and high rises?

Yes, these attractions are certainly appealing. But we believe, the real Gold Coast can only be discovered by meeting locals, visiting local markets and surfing along the snapper rocks. Which is why we set on our mini adventure, walking and cycling around the GC.

Please watch the travel video and let us know in comments below

Our top recommendations around the GC are:

  • Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta
  • Burleigh Heads Beach
  • Miami Market
  • Lores Bonney Lookout, Miami Beach
  • Sunset at Surfers Paradise
  • Whale watching, Sea World Cruises

Also, here’s a customised Google Map to navigate the recommended spots!

Click on the pictures below and let’s see where it takes you!

We are pretty sure, if beaches are your thing, the Gold Coast has got you covered.

Ready for an adventure down under?


Perth, Western Australia

Australia’s underrated city, Perth had my heart.

The city was painted red, rolling out red carpet for Premier League giants- Manchester United. It was all a perfect timing for me.

I was there on a different occasion, doing my duties as a Student Representative for International Students.

I’m not gonna say much, I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.