Vibrante Restaurant (2020-21)

I got to work with this client again after lockdown.

Here are few shots from their Instagram account, @vibrante_restaurant


I ran campaigns to increase consumer awareness, interest and loyalty towards Vibrante. All of these campaign goals targeted towards stepping up Vibrante’s presence among other competitors, delivering Italian food around Templestowe and Warrandyte.

We implemented strategies to engage with the audiences overlooking the demographics and insights generated from users’ interaction with the posts.


Face masks in Melbourne

This client contacted me with a beautiful idea, just around mid 2020 when Australia made face masks mandatory in public.

We discussed various options on how I could manage their social media; click pictures, zoom meetings and get content published. I worked my way to arrange photoshoots within 5km radius of my abode because of COVID restrictions.

It was all an experimental project for this client, but turned out to be a success.

Sharing social media posts from their Instagram account @facemasksinmelbourne

MyLatrobe, social media team

I created content for MyLaTrobe’s Instagram and Facebook during my time working with the media team at La Trobe University.

● Created video content for Facebook

‘The video showcased the Melbourne campus and its quiet spaces. It also offered alternative places to relax outside the library, where napping or using spaces for anything but study is not allowed.’

● A few examples of Instagram posts

● A series of Instagram stories, showcasing students working on a culture in a Biology lab. Please click on the link below, it will take you to the highlights.

● To find additional Instagram stories done by me, please click the google drive link below.

Marathi Film Festival, Melbourne (2019)

Marathi Film Festival, Australia brings Indian films produced in Marathi (state language, old Mumbai) to Melbourne and Sydney. I got an opportunity to do the photography for Last Minute Productions, Melbourne based film distribution company organising the festival.

Here are few shots taken over two days.

To see the entire album click the link below.


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