What’s Your Accent- Episode 4

In this episode, we chat with an Indian-Australian climate activist, Manjot Kaur. She’s a key organiser of the Sydney School Strike 4 Climate, and she was a spokesperson at the Sydney rally in November 2018. She’s featured in a film ‘People Power vs Adani- the fight of our times.’ She’s also a founding member of Climate Leaders- a campaign led by young people around Australia to find political candidates.


What’s Your Accent- Episode 3

Episode 3

Franscisco tells us why Mexican culture is not just about enchiladas. He explains what is growing up in a Latin American country and USA’s influence on Mexico. It was fun to have him teach us few Spanish words, and hear him talk about how he has progressed his career studying Biotechnology as an international student in Melbourne.

Guest- Francisco Santos-Gonzalez, Mexico

Hosts- Nalisha Kumarasinghe and Astril Andrades

What’s Your Accent- Episode 1


What’s Your Accent is a podcast exploring diversity, culture, food and more. It aims to educate people and explore narratives manifested in the past.

Episode 1- Sharan Velauthan (Sri Lanka)

Sharan talks about his global sustainability project-@cosplaycleanupglobal, how social media can be used to create an impact on global scale, mental health, cultural differences in Australia, food and how he found work being a coloured person.

He mentions the impact he had being exposed to a diverse environment in Australia and how he’s doing everything he can to spread love and kindness.

Hosts- Nalisha Kumarasinghe and Astril Andrades Guest- Sharan Velauthan

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