Vibrante Restaurant (2020-21)

I got to work with this client again after lockdown.

Here are few shots from their Instagram account, @vibrante_restaurant


I ran campaigns to increase consumer awareness, interest and loyalty towards Vibrante. All of these campaign goals targeted towards stepping up Vibrante’s presence among other competitors, delivering Italian food around Templestowe and Warrandyte.

We implemented strategies to engage with the audiences overlooking the demographics and insights generated from users’ interaction with the posts.


Face masks in Melbourne

This client contacted me with a beautiful idea, just around mid 2020 when Australia made face masks mandatory in public.

We discussed various options on how I could manage their social media; click pictures, zoom meetings and get content published. I worked my way to arrange photoshoots within 5km radius of my abode because of COVID restrictions.

It was all an experimental project for this client, but turned out to be a success.

Sharing social media posts from their Instagram account @facemasksinmelbourne

What’s Your Accent- Episode 4

In this episode, we chat with an Indian-Australian climate activist, Manjot Kaur. She’s a key organiser of the Sydney School Strike 4 Climate, and she was a spokesperson at the Sydney rally in November 2018. She’s featured in a film ‘People Power vs Adani- the fight of our times.’ She’s also a founding member of Climate Leaders- a campaign led by young people around Australia to find political candidates.

What’s Your Accent- Episode 3

Episode 3

Franscisco tells us why Mexican culture is not just about enchiladas. He explains what is growing up in a Latin American country and USA’s influence on Mexico. It was fun to have him teach us few Spanish words, and hear him talk about how he has progressed his career studying Biotechnology as an international student in Melbourne.

Guest- Francisco Santos-Gonzalez, Mexico

Hosts- Nalisha Kumarasinghe and Astril Andrades

Trip to Gold Coast, Australia


When you think of Gold Coast, what comes to mind first, beaches, theme parks and high rises?

Yes, these attractions are certainly appealing. But we believe, the real Gold Coast can only be discovered by meeting locals, visiting local markets and surfing along the snapper rocks. Which is why we set on our mini adventure, walking and cycling around the GC.

Please watch the travel video and let us know in comments below

Our top recommendations around the GC are:

  • Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta
  • Burleigh Heads Beach
  • Miami Market
  • Lores Bonney Lookout, Miami Beach
  • Sunset at Surfers Paradise
  • Whale watching, Sea World Cruises

Also, here’s a customised Google Map to navigate the recommended spots!

Click on the pictures below and let’s see where it takes you!

We are pretty sure, if beaches are your thing, the Gold Coast has got you covered.

Ready for an adventure down under?

Australia-India working on intricacies of signing the possible Free Trade Agreement

 I got an opportunity to write an article for the Australian-Indian Sports Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS) just before the first-ever virtual summit between the two countries.

The Sydney Opera House, Australia and The Taj Mahal, India

As strategic partners since 2009, Australia and India enjoy strong political, economic, and community ties. Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, was set to visit India in early January this year but cancelled his plans due to bushfires.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, will hold his first-ever virtual bilateral summit with Morrison on 4th June 2020. This summit is indeed a positive development towards strengthening the strategic ties between the Indo-Pacific region and would help build trade relations which in turn stabilize the economy. Modi and Morrison are expected to discuss agreements to develop trade in key sectors, including education, technology, agricultural infrastructure, digital health, critical minerals and manufacturing. As the Australian economy is highly export-driven, the pandemic has come as a reality check to go beyond its reliance on China.


To read the entire article please click the link below.

On similar grounds, Australian-Indian Sports Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS) is working towards strengthening the Indo-Australian bonds, be it sports, education, trade, culture, or bilateral relationships. 

India and Australia share common heritage linked to cricket, curry, and culture.

Gurnam Singh, Founder of AISECS

Here’s a social media post of Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison enjoying Indian snack ‘Samosas’ posted three days before the summit.

What’s Your Accent- Episode 1


What’s Your Accent is a podcast exploring diversity, culture, food and more. It aims to educate people and explore narratives manifested in the past.

Episode 1- Sharan Velauthan (Sri Lanka)

Sharan talks about his global sustainability project-@cosplaycleanupglobal, how social media can be used to create an impact on global scale, mental health, cultural differences in Australia, food and how he found work being a coloured person.

He mentions the impact he had being exposed to a diverse environment in Australia and how he’s doing everything he can to spread love and kindness.

Hosts- Nalisha Kumarasinghe and Astril Andrades Guest- Sharan Velauthan

Listen on Spotify:


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EcoIcon- A Lifestyle Magazine

EcoIcon is a lifestyle magazine designed as a part of University project highlighting fast fashion, handmade and eco-friendly materials and resources needed.

To see the magazine, please click the pdf link below.


It is designed using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

If you want to know more, please leave a reply below.

Correspondent at Indian Film Festival Melbourne 2019

I have been a part of MyLaTrobe team at La Trobe University for the past one year. I have worked with them in various roles from an Intern to a Content Creator and Social Media Reporter.

As a content creator, I got an opportunity to be the Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) Correspondent, capturing moments at the Indian Film Festival Mebourne (IFFM) for La Trobe University. In the past ten years, La Trobe has partnered with IFFM welcoming many Indian writers, film stars and directors.


I captured the night for MyLaTrobe via Instagram Story, and then wrote a piece for the MyLaTrobe news site.

Here’s a link to the story: 

Later, I did social media reporting on the festival analysing the insights on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

A similar report was represented after SRK announced the scholarship to a female researcher in early 2020.