I am Astril Andrades, a Media and Communications graduate who has specialised in social media marketing and podcasting. I have developed the ability to demonstrate strong creative, technical and research skills by working on various projects. I have built a good rapport by engaging with community from diverse backgrounds while coordinating events as Women’s Officer at the La Trobe Student Union. I am currently in the pursuit to become a multimedia specialist and use my skills to the best of my ability to work with the best publications in Australia/the world. 

I have experience in writing features, proofreading, editing, making videos and managing social media accounts for festivals, restaurants and La Trobe University’s channel. While I have dabbled with a variety of subjects, my areas of interest are Society, Business, Technology and Politics.

Skills: Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics, News & Feature Writing, Content Strategy, Video Production and Editing, Podcast Producing and Hosting, Campaigns and Presentations.

Podcast- What’s Your Accent https://open.spotify.com/show/2Vo4EscrSDPZquDtZyNwUj

More linkshttps://linktr.ee/AstrilAndrades

A quest to make a difference motivates me to tell a story.

Get in touch

Astril Andrades
Multimedia Specialist, Melbourne

+61 403 940 373



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