What’s Your Accent- Episode 1


What’s Your Accent is a podcast exploring diversity, culture, food and more. It aims to educate people and explore narratives manifested in the past.

Episode 1- Sharan Velauthan (Sri Lanka)

Sharan talks about his global sustainability project-@cosplaycleanupglobal, how social media can be used to create an impact on global scale, mental health, cultural differences in Australia, food and how he found work being a coloured person.

He mentions the impact he had being exposed to a diverse environment in Australia and how he’s doing everything he can to spread love and kindness.

Hosts- Nalisha Kumarasinghe and Astril Andrades Guest- Sharan Velauthan

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EcoIcon- A Lifestyle Magazine

EcoIcon is a lifestyle magazine designed as a part of University project highlighting fast fashion, handmade and eco-friendly materials and resources needed.

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It is designed using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

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