Perth, Western Australia

Australia’s underrated city, Perth had my heart.

The city was painted red, rolling out red carpet for Premier League giants- Manchester United. It was all a perfect timing for me.

I was there on a different occasion, doing my duties as a Student Representative for International Students.

I’m not gonna say much, I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.


Back in a bit (A show on YouTube)

Back In a Bit (Upstart Live) is a show streamed on YouTube by media students at La Trobe University.

This post will take you through all the fun times I had with bunch of mates, reading news, doing live cross and broadcasting every Wednesday for 12 weeks.


To see the entire show, please click the link below.

Here’s some work done as a field reporter and an audio operator.

Talk Like a Bogan- Part 2

Talk Like a Bogan- Part 1

Winter Night Market in Melbourne

Indian Independence Day, Melbourne

In Episode 3, we had a rapper guest and I dropped a beat to get the ball rolling.  Checkout the rap at 15:16 mins in the video below.